Viennese style chair, in curved wood

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The Graz chair features a beechwood frame, available in cherry, wenge, walnut, natural, or graphite finishes. Alternatively, one can choose a distressed (antiqued) or lacquered beechwood frame. The seat and back are upholstered and padded with Vienna Straw, layered beech plywood, fabric, or faux leather.

The Graz chair embodies timeless elegance with its beechwood frame, available in a variety of captivating finishes, including warm cherry, sophisticated wenge, deep walnut, natural wood, and modern graphite. The option to personalize the beechwood frame with a distressed (antiqued) or lacquered finish adds a distinctive element to its enduring beauty.

The seat and back, carefully enveloped in exquisite materials such as Vienna Straw, durable beech plywood, the soft elegance of fabric, or luxurious faux leather, provide enveloping comfort that transforms every moment spent on this chair into a unique experience.

Graz is more than just a chair; it is a functional work of art that captures the essence of elegance, enriching spaces with its refined design and impeccable craftsmanship. With Graz, every seating becomes an invitation to immerse oneself in a world of comfort and style, where the beauty of wood harmoniously merges with comfort, creating a fusion of emotions that enriches everyday life.

L50 P54 H80 Hs47 cm

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