Aluminum armchair, with rope weaving, for outdoors

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Collection: Outdoor chairs

Armchair with aluminium frame and Wintech synthetic cord cover. Removable cushions with Olefin fabric cover. Available in the following versions:

1. Frame: Black, Rope: Dark Grey Flat, Cushion: Mixed Black Text
2. Frame: Taupe, Rope: Silver Grey Flat, Cushion: Taupe Text
3. Frame: Anthracite, Rope: Mild Grey Flat, Cushion: Taupe Axroma
4. Frame: White, Rope: Silver White Flat, Cushion: Light Grey Olefin

Immersed in the discreet luxury of its aluminum structure, the Papeete garden armchair enchants with its timeless elegance. The deep black of its frame offers a mysterious embrace, while the Wintech synthetic rope, expertly woven in a flat dark gray, evokes the serenity of a starry night.

The removable cushions, wrapped in a deep black Olefin fabric, promise the cozy comfort of an evening under the moonlight. The bold combination of shades creates an atmosphere of intriguing refinement, inviting you to indulge in moments of relaxation and contemplation under the starry sky.

Alternatively, the version with a Taupe structure, flat silver-gray rope, and Taupe text cushion conveys a sophisticated calm, while the Anthracite, light gray, and Taupe Axroma combination captures the essence of a quiet outdoor evening, wrapped in mystery emphasized by the depth of color.

For those seeking a fresh elegance, the White version of the armchair, with flat white-silver rope and light gray Olefin cushion, offers a bright and welcoming retreat, perfect for moments of lightness and serenity in your garden.

With the Papeete garden armchair, it's not just about furnishing a space but creating a unique emotional experience. Every detail, from the structure to the rope, to the cushions, comes together to provide a blend of style and comfort that transforms your garden into a timeless oasis of tranquility and beauty.

L57 P59 H76 Hs46 cm


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