Office swivel chair with castors

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Executive Chair in Polished Aluminum with 5 Spokes, Padded Seat and Back Upholstered in Black Leatherette, Black Leather, or Nativa Fabric. Aluminum Covered Armrests and 5-Position Advanced Tilt Swivel Mechanism.

Technical Specifications:

- Free Rubber Wheel with a diameter of 50mm
- Flat Aluminum Base with a diameter of 700mm
- Chrome Gas Lift
- Height Adjustment Plate
- Chrome-covered Steel Armrests with Upholstered Pads
- Monocoque in Plywood
- Polyurethane Foam Padding

The Althea D Executive Chair is the epitome of elegance and functionality in the workplace. Its polished aluminum 5-spoke structure, equipped with 50mm rubber wheels, not only provides stable support but also stands out for its sophisticated design.

The padded seat and back, both meticulously upholstered in black leatherette, black leather, or nativa fabric, deliver a high level of comfort during extended working hours. The aluminum-covered armrests add a touch of class, ensuring a solid and comfortable support, while the 5-position advanced tilt swivel mechanism offers customized flexibility of movement.

The Althea D version exudes a unique character with its high back, conveying a sense of authority and style to your workstation. The meticulous attention to detail is evident in the aluminum armrests with padded covers, adding not only functionality but also a touch of refinement.

Whether you opt for the swivel or sled version, the Althea D Executive Chair is a perfect blend of refined design and reliable performance. Every element, from the flat aluminum base with a diameter of 700mm to the 50mm free rubber wheel, is designed to provide an ergonomic and pleasant working experience. Elevate your office to new levels of style and comfort with the Althea D Executive Chair.

L60 P69 H110, 108 Hs46, 54 cm

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